Running Man: Korean Game Show

Running Man

Running Man (런닝맨) is my favorite Korean game show ever! It is very entertaining and the only show that can make me laugh real hard. If you are one of those who has never watch this show, or, if you are one of those people who think negatively about Korean things, wait a minute… Running Man is not that kind of show which show boys with pretty faces and make ups.. LOL

Let me give you a brief overview about Running Man.

Running Man is a Korean game show which broadcasted every week on SBS (It’s a Korean TV Channel). Running Man has been played for 3 years now (since 2010). It has fix members and guest star(s). The fix members are the members who always come to the show every week, except when they are having another shooting/performance schedule or having any health issue. Guest star(s) is guest(s) who come to the show for once or several random show only. Due to 3 years production, Running Man fix members relationship become real close, until they have their own nicknames and sometimes share their own jokes (so, it’s more funny if you watch the show from the very beginning).

Here are Running Man’s fix members:

1. Yoo Jae Suk: 


he is a national MC, known for he’s chatter and literally big mouth and also he is a dancing machine. his nickname in Running Man is “Yooruce Willis” (for his ability to run fast and “die” hard in the show) and “Yoo hyuk” (the dance master). He also known as “Grasshopper” for his old time show and Haha spread the rumor that Jae Suk loves wearing green clothes. In many episodes, the members are joking about Jae Suk and Green colour.

2. Ji Suk Jin:


he is the oldest and weakest member. His Running Man nickname is “Big Nose Hyung” (brother with a big nose) for his literally big nose. He mostly become the first member who get oust, that’s why the other member like to joke “Race Starts!” right after Ji Suk  Jin’s oust announcement.

3. Kang Gary:


he is one of Korean duo group Leessang member (he is the rapper). His ability mostly are weird things such as keeping peace pose even in chaotic situation and eating spicy food. He together with Song Ji Hyo are called “Monday Couple” for his love confession to Ji Hyo in many episodes (Running Man broadcasts on Monday). On one Running Man episode, the other members said that Gary’s face is similar to a certain fish, in some other episodes, they make jokes about it.

4. Song Ji Hyo:


she is the only girl member in Running Man, though she always considered as a girl by the other members (they only consider her as a girl in 1-2 first episodes). He is a famous Korean actress who has played many movies as well as music video. Her nickname in Running Man is “the Ace” for her ability to find impossible things in a short time and survive the many games with both tactic and power. She also called “Blank Ji/Blank Ji Hyo” for her blank expression she often shown during the show. She often use no make up during the show, that is why people claim her for having natural beauty.

5. Haha:


his real name is Ha Dong Hoon. He is a singer who adore Bob Marley very much. He is the shortest member of Running Man and known as a playboy who shows his love to any pretty guest until his marriage to singer Byul (the other members forbid him to get close to any pretty guest). Jae Suk is one of the members who work real hard to prevent Haha from getting near to pretty guest, that’s why Haha and Jae Suk sometimes joking like they are about to compete or anything. His nickname is Haroro, because in one episode he used a similar cap as Korean children animation “Pororo”.

6. Kim Jong Kook:


he is a solo k-pop singer. Before going his solo career, he was one of Korean trio group called Turbo. He, Haha and Kang Gary are best friend. He often called Haha and Gary as “my/nae dongsaeng” while the two called him “our/uri hyung”. He is the strongest member and has big athletic body, that’s why he is called “Sparta Kook”. He also called as “Mr. Capable” for his ability in almost in every thing and every game. This ability makes him likes to coach everyone else during the game. The other members often show their “dislikeness” of Jong Kook because of his ability. In some episodes, the other members like to make a joke about him and actress Yoon Eun Hye, for their past love relationship.

7. Lee Kwang Soo:


he is the tallest member, so he is called “Giraffe”. He is an actor who starts raising in Korea. In Running Man, he together with Ji Suk Jin are the weakest member and they often make an ally and use “Pill Cook Cross” as their motto. He is also the icon of betrayal during the games for his nature to betray every other Running Man members.

Here are the list of Running Man episodes:

Hope you enjoy the show as much as i do 😉

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